Kiteboarding: Client Information – Risk Disclosure – Acceptance

For client safety and enjoyment we ensure Kiteboarding safe operational procedures are documented and adhered to under Worksafe NZ standards. The aim; to eliminate, isolate or minimise risk.

Kiteboarding has some degree of risk and at times some of this risk can only be minimised. The risk may be due to one or more of the following factors, or otherwise: location, weather, tide and currents, water surface conditions, client not following instructions, client skill, confidence or fitness, client misjudgment or error, other Kiteboarding participants or other water users.

One or more of these factors may cause risk which may result in incidents ranging from very minor through to serious. Risk likelihood for very minor incidents is medium e.g sunburn, mild dehydration, mild hypothermia, cuts, bruises and sprains. Risk likelihood for any serious incidents is extremely low e.g serious injuries or death. Despite the likelihood, risk remains.

By completing and signing this form, you accept these risks and release, waive and hold harmless Assault Boardriding Centre, its owners, directors and or its employees from all claims, losses, damages or expenses, including legal costs that may be incurred during or in conjunction with or relating to your participation in Kiteboarding with Assault Boardriding Centre.

Your answers and information provided assists us in planning, and providing you with a safe, enjoyable and productive Kiteboarding experience; tailored to your fitness and skill level.

Please complete the form and submit electronically ASAP in advance of your booking. We will present you the printed form to sign prior to your Kiteboarding experience. Areas marked * are required.



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