S.U.P for Health and Fitness

Feel good and look great. Stand up paddling (SUPing) is a great workout as it works the whole body.

SUPing is a great workout, it works the whole body focusing on the core and also offering you an anaerobic workout too. SUPing improves your balance, strength and general fitness. You will feel invigorated, and it sure beats the gym!

SUPing offers similar results to doing pilates and running at the same time. Burning up to 800 calories an hour on average. SUPing is the perfect sport for cross training.

Join us on our health and fitness padding sessions:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.00am to 10.30am Weather permitting.

Or if you have a group of friends and would like to SUP on another day or time contact us and we will work with you on this.

Tauranga Harbour or Mt Maunganui Coastline. We like to mix it up and go SUPing in a range of locations. We choose the beach based on tide and weather conditions so we all get the best out of our SUPing session. Enjoy the amazing environment that surrounds us in the bay.

Who can do it?
Anyone! If you can stand up and walk, then you can definitely SUP. SUPing is easy. If it is your very first session one of our instructors will team up with you and take you through the basics.

Fitness paddling session board rental $25.00 (includes wetsuit and buoyancy vest)
5 x Session concession $100.00 (1 x session is free)
10 x Session concession $175.00 (3 x sessions are free)

If you own a board, join us for free!

Rent to Buy:
If you love SUPing and decide to purchase any new SUP setup from us we will credit your $ spent on rental towards your new SUP. (see Rent to Buy details)

Introduction to SUPing lesson : $50.00 (includes instruction plus board, wetsuit and buoyancy vest rental)

Contact us to register:
Phone or TXT: 027 2457540
Email: info@assault.co.nz

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